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"A Moment With My Thoughts"-a Metaphysical Kathryn Rutherford Fine Art Spirit Painting giclee reproduction print of a woman writing in her journal with ghostly figures of the four stages of a woman's life with symbolic images of butterflies and unicorns.

A Moment With My Thoughts Giclee Reproduction Print

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Certain cultures believe there are four stages in a woman's life: birth (represented by the infant), toddler (peering inquisitively over the rocks and leaves), young maiden (reading a book as she lounges quietly by herself in the rays of the sun), and old Crone (blossoming into Morning Glory flowers).

This Kathryn Rutherford Fine Art Metaphysical Spirit Painting reproduction giclee print depicts a women appearing in two forms: strong and warrior-like or soft and virginal such as is represented by the Unicorn that fables claim can only be caught by a virgin.

As our present-day young lady journals about her past, present, and future, the visions of all women, and all stages of her life, appear around her.

Symbols of nature appear in this work of art. Butterflies represent metamorphosis or change and the hummingbird draws the sweet nectar of knowledge and experience from the lips of the Crone.

All prints are shipped rolled in tubes and delivered with faux double matting exactly as shown but without the KR Watermark.  Sizes are by outside measurements of the matting which allow for standard size framing.