Our Studio and Gallery are now in Madison, INDIANA. Open Tuesday thru Saturday.


Owner, Kathryn Rutherford is an internationally known, award-winning fine artist, portrait artist, and photographic and fine art restoration specialist.  Her company, Heirloom Art Studio, opened in Canada in 1980, provided fine art and photographic retouching and restoration to professional photographers, framers, and restoration companies.  As her reputation grew, she began shipping original art and restorations to professionals and the general public to sixteen countries around the world.  Her work has been awarded recognition and honours by such prestigious companies as Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm Corporation, Epcot Center, American Kennel Club, Golden Retriever Club of America, the East Tennessee Historical Society, and has hung in Epcot Center, Florida.  She holds degrees and qualifications in Fine Art, Art History, Education, Special Education, Music, Theater, and Costume Design.  
In 1997,  Heirloom Art Studio was moved to Gatlinburg, Tennessee where the Studio, and a public art gallery and specialty store, was located just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Product offerings were expanded to include specialty gifts and unique Metaphysical items. 
Kathryn has put her talents and classical art training to work creating exceptional products in jewelry and merchandise that display her original "Spirit Paintings" as well as one of a kind graphic and original designs.   
2021 brought big changes when Kathryn, and husband Greg, purchased a 10,000 square foot, 1840 downtown Manor House in the historic city of Madison, Indiana.  Over the course of two years the Rutherfords stripped out the ugly (the building had been a Funeral Home since 1923) and restored it to it's historic glory opening the ground floor level as Galleries, Work Studios, Workrooms, a Consultation Room, and a Classroom in the Spring of 2023.  
The Studio and Gallery are open to the public and visiting Heirloom Art Studio and the destination city of Madison, Indiana, is certainly encouraged.  
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